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I’ve worked in social media for years, and I’ve been lucky enough to see it change and grow. When I started back in 2010, you couldn’t use Facebook on your phone, Tumblr was super cool, and Instagram hadn’t even launched! Things have moved on a bit since then.

I’ve worked for agencies and client-side, and have been lucky enough to collaborate with some awesome clients, including much-loved FMCG brands, major entertainment distributors, inspiring charities, wanderlust-inducing tourism boards and tech giants. But, I’ve also spent time working with tiny startups, small lifestyle businesses, indie brands and wellbeing experts. In my opinion, it doesn’t really mater whether I’m working with a FTSE 100 business or a SME that launched yesterday, the basic social media tactics are the same. It’s how they are flexed them strategically and creatively that matters (and that’s where I come in!)

I believe that knowledge is super important, so education is at the centre of my business. In my opinion - and from my experience - it’s far more effective and cost efficient to manage social media in-house. Therefore, I don’t offer social media management services; instead I provide the insight, strategy and training needed to up-skill and empower internal teams. And, once a business is ready to develop original content, I have a network of video, graphic, photography and copywriting agencies I can recommended.

But, that’s more than enough about work! In my spare time, I love watching indie films, enjoy travelling and am attempting to learn how to surf. During my days off, you can usually find me with a big old cuppa lusting over the latest interior design trends. And by night I host Glug Bristol - a talks and networking event for creatives - and volunteer for Freedom of Mind, an amazing mental health charity.